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"A refreshing page-turner as Scotty leads from one crime investigation to the next, while offering shrewd insights into the nature and habits of career criminals and RCMP officers alike. His is a broadly sympathetic view of the human condition, seen through the eyes of a very smart and experienced RCMP officer.

"Throughout, Scotty emphasizes the need for self-belief and integrity among all RCMP members, as well as their need of cooperation and support from the public they serve. The present state of morale in the RCMP shows the extent to which these basic principles have been ignored in recent years," says esteemed Pathologist Geoff Machin.

Hardcover and paperback editions expected to go on sale by end of March; eBook edition available now

Superintendent "Scotty" Gardiner's captivating memoir reveals what truly goes on behind the scenes in local and international criminal and civil investigations -- from solving small-town break ins to busting multi-national drug operations, and from foiling historical coin counterfeiting to making a controversial money-for-bodies deal with serial killer Clifford Olson.

In The Mind Of A Mountie provides deep insight into the thought processes, self-discipline and integrity required to be an exemplary policeman. "There is no LUCK in investigation," Gardiner emphasizes. "Instead you must focus on PREPARATION, so you will recognize OPPORTUNITY."

Gardiner joined the RCMP in 1951 and served in rural Manitoba, Winnipeg, Regina, Ottawa, Cape Breton, Edmonton and Victoria. He was also a Personal Orderly to HM The Queen and Prince Philip during their 1959 tour across Canada. From 1983 to 1996, Gardiner was senior investigator for BC's Ombudsman Office. In 2000 he was lured out of retirement to head an elite team of investigators for the BC Attorney General's Office, working on institutional sexual abuse lawsuits and other civil cases.

With masterful storytelling, In The Mind Of A Mountie brings vividly to life the role of a policeman and investigator in late 20th-century Canadian society -- the dedication, dilemmas, disappointments, tragedies, successes, humour, respect and courage. Woven throughout are life lessons that will help any individual improve him or herself, and lift any organization to better performance and credibility.

"A compelling story told in a most readable manner. Highly recommended for all ages. Scotty's life is the stuff of legends and deserves to be read widely." -- Hamish Simpson, former Head of Glenlyon School, Pearson College, and Upper Canada College Preparatory School


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Check back for a schedule of Scotty Gardiner's appearances across Canada to meet with veterans, entertain audiences and talk about reform of the Force.

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THE PITCHFORK MURDER, chapter 57 from "In The Mind Of A Mountie" by Supt. T.M. 'Scotty' Gardiner (ret'd)
The author recalls an investigation from his early days at Winnipeg. An exacting investigation unveils the truth, yet there is no prosecution "in the public interest."

THE NINA MURDER, chapter 101 from "In The Mind Of A Mountie" by Supt. T.M. 'Scotty' Gardiner (ret'd)
Scotty recounts how a gruesome murder was solved after a citizen's tip about a blanket and help from police in Finland.

HONG KONG HARBOUR, chapter 115 from "In The Mind Of A Mountie" by Supt. T.M. 'Scotty' Gardiner (ret'd)
RCMP targeted drug importers at the source wherever possible. Scotty sent a radio technician to Hong Kong Harbour to bug a smuggler's boat -- but it would take ingenuity and flexibility to find and enter the boat.

NILE CREEK SABOTAGE, chapter 104 from "In The Mind Of A Mountie" by Supt. T.M. 'Scotty' Gardiner (ret'd)
The investigation into a powerful bombing at BC Hydro's Nile Creek Substation is hampered by an apparent lack of motive. A headmaster analyses bulletins received claiming responsibility. Then an informant employs an unusual investigative technique!

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