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Scotty Gardiner's epic memoir is one of the most insightful books about the R.C.M.P. in decades: 131 chapters of true adventures

"The RCMP of today is in desperate need of more Scotty Gardiners. In the Mind of a Mountie traces a most successful 31-year career served in six provinces from the Atlantic to the Pacific. He recounts investigations with a crisp, no-nonsense manner, yet in an exceedingly entertaining style."
-- from the foreword by The Honourable Ted Hughes, OC, QC, LLD (Hon)

Over 300,000 words of fascinating 'cops-and-robbers' stories

"A great book, a fine read and written by an outstanding member of the RCMP. Scotty Gardiner was an exceptional policeman, a man of ultimate integrity, fair minded and an inspiration to his peers. He provided unrelenting service to his country plus he has a marvelous sense of humour. I salute him," writes The Honourable Garde B. Gardom, QC, OBC, Lt. Governor of BC 1995-2001.

"A fine book, immensely readable, and an important record of the mind of a very special Mountie dedicated to justice," says Stephen Owen, QC, PC, Vice President of External, Legal and Community Relations, University of British Columbia; former Ombudsman for BC.

Don Wilson, RCMP Deputy Commissioner (Retired), says, "Scotty Gardiner was the consummate investigator, meticulous in his methods and demanding of himself and those who worked with him. This autobiographical look into his accidental career reveals the man, but also crime problems and investigative techniques as they were found a half century ago, before organized crime as we know it today, DNA identification, automated fingerprint identification systems, and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It was a simpler era in policing, but in many ways more demanding. Self sufficiency, initiative, commitment and perseverance were the measurements of success. These characteristics Scotty had in abundance, and passed to those of us he mentored through his remarkable career within the Royal Canadian Mounted Police."

"A clear and kindly account of how the RCMP actually works in a vast and diverse land -- one man's personal story of success and fulfillment as he rises through the ranks, from a constable on patrol alone in the prairie winter, to a leadership role in solving cases of rape, murder, gold heist, international drug deals and social injustices.
     "The methods and sociology described in the case studies alone should make this book required reading for anyone joining the RCMP Canada's essential national police force. Scotty's stories emphasize the tact, discipline, confidence, self-reliance and openmindedness needed now more than ever before in our social history," says W.A. Geoffrey Voss, Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta.

"A remarkably rich and personal memoir, full of stories that illustrate both the routine and complex in police work. The book is also a testament to how a combination of hard work, intellectual imagination, integrity, and self-discipline served Scotty well as a Mountie in postings across this vast country. It is an account of a life's work that needs to be told, especially in these times when the Force seems in disarray and those values compromised," writes John McLaren, Emeritus Professor of Law, University of Victoria.

"A fascinating account of a highly successful career. The many ingredients of effective police work are revealed: the team-work, the patience, the ingenuity, the dedication, the high degree of self-discipline are all there. A great read," notes Patrick Crofton, Lt. Commr, Royal Canadian Navy (Retired); former Member of Parliament.

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