Author T.M. 'Scotty' Gardiner, Superintendent R.C.M.P. (Retired)

Don Wilson, RCMP Deputy Commissioner (Retired), says, "Scotty Gardiner was the consummate investigator, meticulous in his methods and demanding of himself and those who worked with him."

"Memoir contains over 300,000 words of fascinating 'cops-and-robbers' stories"

Scotty Gardiner was born in 1931 on a farm near Biggar, Saskatchewan and moved at age five to his ancestral home in Fifeshire, Scotland. There he received his education before and during World War II. With his family he returned to Canada in 1948 and settled in British Columbia's Fraser Valley. He joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1951. Throughout his 31-year career he served in six Provinces, working in small prairie communities, then ten years as a plainclothes detective, on to senior Officer rank directing major crime investigations locally, nationally and internationally.

Following his RCMP career, Gardiner served 13 years as a senior investigator with the BC Ombudsman Office. Recalled from retirement in 2000 by the BC Ministry of Attorney General, he organized and directed a select group of investigators over a three-year period investigating allegations of sexual abuse in custodial institutions.

Scotty Gardiner and his wife Mary live in Victoria, BC.


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Scotty Gardiner is a passionate and talented public speaker. If you wish to invite Scotty to present to your group or at a event: contact Scotty.



... Walking to this second bag he gave it the same mild kick. That bag's weighty nature acted like the first. Curiosity caused the driver to look closer. When he opened the first bag he found it all but filled with a blanket-bound bundle, the lot being neatly tied with one-quarter-inch-diameter, yellow-coloured nylon rope.
       With heightened curiosity the trucker pulled first the rope aside, then the covering blanket -- and found himself staring at the partially-decomposed, severed half of a nude female body.
       -- from Chapter 101: The Nina Murder


... As I looked at the bases of those clumps of oak trees, it seemed all had small depressions, indicative of years of nondisturbance. But the base of one clump that was no more than six feet in front of me was mounded upwards. With heart thumping I knelt down and with one hand pulled aside about a two-inch-thick covering of loose duff, mostly dried grass and old oak leaves. There it was: success, our twelfth gold brick, lying naked in its earthen bed.
       -- from Chapter 75: The Gold Theft


... "Oh, he is right in town, Sir... but... you are not thinking...!"
"Yes, Constable, I am thinking."
"But, Sir, the only reason my informant would ever go near that woman again is for...."
"Yes, I know, Constable, but this is no time to debate moral niceties. But my plan does give me a problem: how will you code your payment to him -- for information, entertainment or would it be danger pay?"
       -- from Chapter 104: Hydro's Nile Creek Sub-station

Read an excerpt: Chapter Two: Recruit Training.

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